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What is The Ensemble Project?

The Ensemble Project explores the relationship between music and empathy: how musical performance can connect people, helping them to overcome differences and conflicts.

How does it work?

Musicians who make music as a group strive to play ‘in sync’: to connect with each other so that they can connect with the audience. Some people call this ‘groove’ and argue that it’s one of the most important features of effective music. Without groove, a performance feels static and leaves the audience emotionally flat.

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City Arts & Lectures Listeners: Follow this link for a survey about your experience of the chamber music performance.

We asked the musicians to talk about what makes each part of a string quartet unique—and this is what they had to say:

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This project can only work with your help! By watching/listening to these sessions and filling out the surveys, you're providing fascinating new insights into the relationship between music and empathy.